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Beauty of Nature is joy for ever!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Serene, placid and tranquil beauty!

Let me be frank...., I am not getting the words to describe such a great trekking experience! It is easier said than done to write all the feelings and experiences as they are. I trekked Kumara Parvatha for the first time before eight years. It coaxed me to go once again.We were planning to trek Kumara Parvatha from a few months. Finally the day has been decided and eight of us gathered together at Kukke Subrahmanya on 26 Dec 2008. How many days are left for the new year to come?!!!

Vishweshwar, Arun, Karthik, Shreesha, Vinod, Krishna Kishor and myself were all well-equipped and very enthusiastic.Unfortunately, my brother in law, Mr Vishweshwar had to take a decision to discontinue. Ofcourse, he took such a decision at the right time. I am sure, he will make us more happier next time. Thus eight minus one, "Saptharshi" has been formed!

For anyone, it is a challenge. It surely tests one’s mental and physical stamina as it involves walking through tough routes- ups and downs in the middle of forests and hills. It really made me think of the inflation and deflation in our economy. Whatever may be the present condition, one has to keep walking!I was enjoying the beauty of nature through out. The famous poet Keats said- “the thing of beauty is joy for ever”. But I say – “The beauty of nature is joy for ever”.

A few things, I would remember for ever on this trekking are:-
* The narrow and tough route with a lot of ups and downs with thorns and stones.
* The cool breeze which gave us energy from nowhere.
* Beautiful landscapes on both the sides of our way.
* Continuous discussion about so many things among ourselves- philosophical and other matters.
* Prashanth and a couple of others carrying my troubled bag in turns from half way while going. Fortunately, I could carry it myself while coming back and didn’t trouble them again! It is a lesson learnt to carry a bag which is break free next time!
* Company of very good friends, some of them I got introduced just before we started trekking! There were cohesiveness and understanding among us. More than everything, The common mentality and the motto which brought up the helping nature in everyone.
* Sudarshana Kriya which I performed on the summit of Kumara Parvatha was unique by itself.
* The salubrious climate which provides fresh air to breath in and purifies our body and mind.In total, the trekking experience was superb! I have plans to go on trekking at least once in every year. My suggestion to those who are in the 'concrete jungle' is to go out once in a year to such a place so that they would be stress free and enjoy the beauty of nature. God’s creation is always great. Kumara Parvatha is such a Serene, placid and tranquil beauty!


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