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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wonder kids…..

My nephew, Pranav was playing with my wife’s deactivated Credit card. All of it sudden, he started saying- “Idaralli gas iddu” meaning “There is gas in the card”. Nobody around him understood anything except his sister Sneha. She started laughing loudly. When everyone looked at her, she told pointing her finger at the card:-
“Look at this….there is HP gas symbol here”
Actually, there was a logo in which it was written “HP” which stands for Hindustan Petrolium.
Pranav previously had looked at HP gas cylinder where there was similar symbol on it. He could recall and relate it then.
He is surely a wonder and gifted kid. He is not even 2.5 years of age. Now itself he operates the computer. He can browse through it, Open the folders where the particular game he wants to play, opens the game and plays for quite long till he feels bored. You should look at the smile on his face when he does it.
To top it, he handles any mobile with care. Usually a kid of his age, grabs the mobile phone and throws it away. But Pranav, unlocks it and navigates through and finds the game he likes to play. There are instances like contact info has been deleted and changed wall paper or ring tone. He gives calls randomly and when someone receives his call, he never speaks a single word!!

I can recall something which had happened when I was in a hostel in Bangalore.
On an evening, Buela, aged around three, came to my room. She is a daughter of the hostel supervisor.
She noticed that there is a small cut on my leg when she came close to me searching for the ball with which she was playing. She was restless; she went out of the room saying that she would bring something for me.
After two minutes of wait, she came back with a small box. I took it in my hand and opened its cap. It contained turmeric powder. She then told me to stretch my leg in such a way that the cut is seen properly. As if a doctor treating a patient, she applied the powder carefully on my leg. She thinks that it is the best medicine.
I was just amazed for a while.


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