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Saturday, January 21, 2006

My colleague has become CA

Good news........My colleague Shabbir has become qualified Chartered Accountant.

My hats off to him. He is an efficient guy who works hard whatever he takes up!

No one is sure about his plans as of now.

I wish Good luck to his career!

My key- lost and found

I lost my house key in cab when I was returning from office. My roomie has another key so it was not a problem on that day.
On reaching home I rang up the transport help desk to inquire about the key.
But I was told that it was not found. Hum....what to do.....slept well that night!!

Next day again called up transport help desk....happened to hear that the cab in which I travelled last night met with an accident.

I went to nearby duplicate key maker and got the original key of my friend duplicated. To my bad luck the duplicate key didn't work.......

What a story! Later I got to know that my key was handed over to an officer in the Admin dept.
I contacted him and got to know that he kept the key in his drawer and locked it and to cap it all that key was missing!

After a day I received a call from the Admin that they have a key with them. I immediately rushed to collect it. They showed the key and it was not at all my sad.

Finally, I got my key back after 5 days. Atleast then!!....abba....relaxed.