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Saturday, December 25, 2010

2010 - A Memorable Year

Year 2010 has been a memorable year in my life. My strong desires and dreams have come true.
1. I have been promoted as a Team Manager in Deutsche Bank.
2. I became dad on 25 Sep. My wife gave birth to a baby boy!

It was my strong desire to climb up the ladder in my career. I was not successful in my efforts a couple of times. Yes I was taken aback for sometime. Later on I met a couple of seniors who gave me proper direction which really helped me. I prepared very well and gave my best short in the Internal Job interview which went on for hours. I kept my fingers crossed and was delighed when I got to know the positive result. Failure is the stepping stones to the success. Isn't it? A couple of my friends expressed their happiness and highlghted the fact that my son brought good luck for me!

Now the challenge is in front of me-Managing a team of 10 people! Yes I know that I have to change a lot. My role is not only managing the process but also managing people. Expectations are too high. Though it still is a question..whether I am suitable for Team Management or Individual Contributor role. I am experimenting with the situations. After all, experience is the best teacher :)
Padmaraj, my previous manager promised his help in guiding me in my new role. I am confidant enough that I will succeed. Hope to see a wonderful year 2011!