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Saturday, July 15, 2017

My experience in teaching....

I started teaching in 2012. I became a teacher on 05 September, teachers day! Was it a coincidence? As I deserved to be a teacher, God created this position for me..May not be! I started teaching finance subjects MFM students in Alliance as an assistant professor. Now I teach at Jain College from 2016.

Yes I thoroughly enjoy teaching. If I have to teach for 1 hour, then I prepare for 5 hours. It may sound too much impractical and unnecessary. But I do it. That's how I am.

Teaching nowadays is not a joke. Unless teacher has a passion to teach and the student has a keen interest to learn, it won't be fruitful.
It remained as an unanswered question - How much strict a Professor has to be in the class?
If he is too lenient, then the students may sit on his head!

On the other hand, If he is too strict, then the students would complain about him. Moreover in some exceptional cases, the parents of students complain about the Professor with the Principal.
I recently confiscated a spinning fidget from a student in the class. When I asked him why he was playing with it, he answered that he was playing that to burst his stress! I was without any word for while. I returned it to him later on after getting a promise from him that he won't repeat it.

A few questions I am looking for an answer are:-
1. How to make the class more interesting without deviating from the syllabus?
2. How to make the students learn creatively?
3. What brings innovation in the class room for Students and Professors?
4. What should be the weight-age between theory and practical teaching?
5. How and how much technology should be leveraged in teaching?