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Sunday, September 27, 2009

My room mate's dream!

It happened in the year 2001 when I was in a hostel.

I was sleeping in my room. At midnight, I woke up to "tuck tuck" sound. I took the flashlight and switched it on. It was an amazing scene! My room mate was on the table, beating it continuously. Though it was dark, It was partially visible for me as the lights were switched on in the adjacent rooms. He continued it for a few minutes. Then he slowly moved on to his bed and slept off. I was not only astonished but also scared for a while. I had the difficulty to fall asleep thinking about it. I may have taken more than 30 minutes, changing my positions in the bed.

The next day morning when we woke up, I asked him, what did you do last night?" He took sometime to remember and said, "I was a truck driver in my dream. The truck had some mechanical problems. So I stepped forward to repair it. I was hitting one of the parts with a hammer".

Before he completed his story, I could not help laughing. He too joined me and the laughter was so loud that other hostel mates just came out of their rooms and peeped into our room asking us-"what happened??"

It is said that the dream is the outcome of strong feelings. But in reality, many of the dreams which we get are meaningless and they are NOT linked to our life.
Whereas, Day dreaming is full of meaning and they are outcomes of real and strong desires and the secret behind good number of achievers.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My plans of enjoying my annual leave went for a toss :(

It was after seven days of relaxation with parents at home. My dog bit me to wash away my holiday plans!

It was in the morning. Raju was hungry and waiting for my mother to provide food.
On that day as I was home doing nothing much. Amma handed over a plate with Dosa and a glass full of milk. I cut the Dosa into pieces, went ahead to Raju and placed it near him. He immediately started gulping it. In between, I went near Raju and about to pour milk to the plate.

Yes, the time has come for me to forgo my enjoyment!

The angry Raju in fraction of a second attacked me. Gubbkk……My right thumb got injured by his sharp teeth. I screamed loudly. It started bleeding. I could see only two things for a moment - Spilled milk on the floor and sprinkled blood on my hand.

Though I was sure that the dog was not sick, I took anti rabies vaccine to be on the safer side. My dad told me over the phone today that dog is healthy even after 15 days!

However, My plans of enjoying my annual leave to the fullest went for a toss :(